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1.Oak Nightclub.

The newest club to hit the streets on LA is the famous 1 Oak. Known for its venues in Las Vegas, New York and Mexico City the 1 Oak brand is one of the strongest names in Nightlife. Since 1 Oak arrived in LA it has set the bar for all mega clubs in town. If you’re not getting bottle service then you’re in trouble. Guest list is an option but they run a very tight door. However this club holds almost 1000 people so they do need to let people in. Bottle service reservations are sat either downstairs in the main room or upstairs on the balcony looking into the room. Formerly known as the Key Club the venue has been transformed to resemble a performance hall with a nightclub vibe. 1 Oak is open Thursday and Saturday from 9pm-2am. For guest list arrivals we would recommend coming with more girls than guys in your group and to be there by 1030. One thing you can expect from 1 Oak is from the time you show up till the time you leave you will be there and part of on wild party. We highly recommend making a bottle service reservation if you plan on going there. The owners of 1 Oak are notorious for bringing out celebrities and artists so don’t be surprised if you see A list stars or Jamie Fox gets up on the microphone and performs.

For 1Oak bottle service reservations | 1OAk guest list email =

Oak Nightclub Los Angeles
9039 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90060

Nights: THURSDAY, SATURDAY (Best Night)

2.Greystone Manor

Greystone Manor continues to thrill club enthusiasts. Reinventing itself over the past years. The club features two mainstream nights Thursday and Saturday. Saturday is the better night. With previous DJ Bookings of Calvin Harris and Nero there is no shortage of talent. Sunday night is the notorious Urban Night. On any given night you never know who you might see. The rope is tight and bottle service is a must. Please contact above to reserve your reservation. Tables start at $1K. For VIP guest list consideration please send a photo of your group. Greystone Manor has the vibe of XS in Las Vegas.

643 N La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Nights: TUE (special events), THU, SAT, SUN

3. Warwick

When you think Nightclub you think large venue, massive crowds, loud music, packed to the brim, etc. Well not Warwick. Warwick is the perfect hybrid to a club and a lounge LA has ever seen. Hands down one of the best crowds in Hollywood. Guest list isn’t an option at Warwick but if you want to take your chances we recommend you coming in your best attire. Even with a bottle service reservation you can’t guarantee your entrance. For best club/ lounge Hybrid Warwick is #1 in our book. Warwick is two floors with an open layout. Upstairs is available for private parties, large groups, and celebrities to hide out. On any given night you may see David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eva Longoria and the list goes on. Warwick isn’t just home base for LA’s finest but also every reality TV Star you can think of. If you want to be at the place to be seen you go to Warwick. One cool thing about Warwick, which makes it different than all others, is the face that you can have a drink made for you at your bottle service table by a mixologist. All the Juices are made on site and are fresh pressed. The music is usually open format and you can find LA’s finest DJ’s like DJ Cobra, Mr. Best, Bee Fowl, Devin Lucien, and that is jus the start.
For Warwick bottle service reservations | Warwick guest list email =

Warwick Hollywood
6507 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028


One of the newest clubs in LA Argyle Hollywood is making ways. The venue is open three nights a week for the nightclub and five nights a week for the downstairs lounge. Upstairs Argyle features a modern nightclub with a one of a kind light show on the ceiling. There is a massive dance floor is massive with several booths on it and then a second level on both sides of the club with large booths. Bottle service is fairly prices at Argyle compared to the other clubs but still isn’t cheap. The crowd is hands down one of the most fun in LA. The club books only high energy DJ’s and the promoters that work there are known for bringing in a fun young party crowd. The cool thing about Argyle is that if you don’t want to be in the main club you can get a bottle service reservation downstairs. Guest list works for both upstairs and downstairs but it’s important to plan ahead before heading over. On any given Friday or Saturday night you can expect to show up to large crowd trying to get in. We recommend you coming early and dressed to impress. The door guy enforces the dress code pretty strictly so don’t be the one left out side for looking like a bum.

For Argyle bottle service reservations | Argyle guest list email =

Argyle Hollywood Nightclub
1600 Argyle Ave
Los Angeles, California


Henry’s nightclub in Los Angeles is pure class. This place is a little smaller than your typical Los Angeles Nightclub, but it packs a punch. There is a very classy group of people that frequent Henrys (celebrities included). The door is VERY tough, but if you manage to make it past the doorman you’re good to go. Bottle Service at Henrys is worth it. It’s classy, you can dance, and they play every type of music. It’s perfect for a night on the town if you’re not looking to go completely wild at a place like Lure or Greystone. There is something for everyone here. Henrys Nightclub is very upscale and guest list is also hard to come by. Make sure you arrive early, wearing your best clothes, and bring an amazing group of people. You will love this place. Henrys was just remodeled and have a great new look. It’s the newest nightclub in Los Angeles.
For Henrys bottle service reservations | Sound guest list email =

Hooray Henry’s Nightclub
8713 Beverly Blvd
West Hollywood, California


Last but certainty not least is Create Nightclub in Hollywood. Create nightclub is SO EPIC. They always have big room DJ’s and we’ve featured them on the Top 10 Hollywood Nightclub list multiple times. This place simply goes hard. It stays open late; they have tickets (but we obviously would suggest Create Bottle Service). Make sure you are ready to seriously get after it. This place goes off harder than XS in Las Vegas. It’s crazier that any club in Los Angeles and you will need a full day to recover. It’s insane. Buckle up and get to Create Nightclub in Hollywood if you get a chance. This is definitely one nightclub in LA that you will not want to miss. They have massive bottle celebrations and massive EDM DJ’s. Do it.
For Create bottle service reservations |

Create Nightclub Hollywood
6021 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

7.Bootsy Bellows

In a space most recently known as Trousdale, Bootsy Bellows is an ingenious nightlife creation from David Arquette along with entrepreneur John Terzian (SHOREbar), Brian Toll (SHOREbar, h.wood), Darren Dzienciol, and Deborah Maguire. Together the group of nightclub mavens debut a Rat-Pack-style cabaret club that aims to recreate the grander days of Hollywood with a sophisticated and fun series of nightly stage shows and live performances. The space benefits from Arquette’s years of design influence with notable decorators and architects in the LA area, forging a look that goes beyond the fluorescent settees and Murano chandlers of clubs du jour and hones a new look born of glossy black walls inlaid with diamond-shape mirrors and baroque gold details the lend a touch of Cocoanut Grove. A further VIP room offer more cozy booth arrangements as well as a baby grand piano ready for any “Fabulous Baker Boy” moments.

It’s reported that the club is actual named after David Arquette’s mother who was a former burlesque dances by the name of Bootsy Bellows.

Bootsy Bellows 9229 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood CA 90069 United State

8.Dirty Laundry

From the hottest nightlife proprietors in Hollywood with bars like Descarga and Pour Vous under their belts, Dirty Laundry is an underground dance bar and cocktail boite. The antithesis of its Hollywood Boulevard address, a hotter and chicer crowd passes past its picky bouncer and into the dimply-lit space with barrel ceiling trimmed in exposed brick and walk-up bar lined in 1930s mosaic tile detailing. Rustic Victorian touches prevail from filament lighting to velvet trim parlor sofas and apothecary shelves opposite the standalone DJ booth.

Dirty Laundry 1725 Hudson Ave
Los Angeles CA 90028 United States


Among the thrift stores and quirky boutiques of LA’s Melrose District comes a spirited Western-style saloon that mixes designer touches with a fashionable drinking crowd. Upon first entry, the eyes adjust to the moody ambient lighting and slowly digests the visual smorgasbord of painted tile floors and knotty wood ceiling suspended in arty Edison lighting. A main bar is topped with copper counter with row of swivel barstools privy to long stays. For those looking to nosh, a great small-plates menu includes great dishes like grilled cheese and burger sliders. Images: Melrose Umbrella Co.

Los Angeles CA 90036 United States

10.Sound Nightclub

Not surprisingly, Sound Nightclub is another nightclub in Hollywood makes it in the best clubs in Los Angeles list. What differentiates Sound from many other nightclubs is its onsite gourmet kitchen. You don’t have to go too far to grab a small bite. For EDM fans, you should be glad to know that popular DJs such as Afrojack, Sander Kleinenberg and Pete Tong all played here and gave positive reviews. The attention to detail in this club is also something to mention: they used wood paneling from Frank Sinatra’s old home. Regardless, Sound is a good alternative for a mix of dancing and gourmet food.

Sound Nightclub
1642 North Las Palmas Ave
Los Angeles, CA. 90028

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